How To Move Somewhere New Without Any Connections – By 8 Women Who Did It

Moving anywhere is intimidating. Taking stock of everything you've accumulated since you last moved, packing it all up, lugging it to your new place, changing your address, working out where the nearest supermarket is... The list gets all the more intimidating when that move is to a new town or city (or country!) where you have no connections. What is the healthcare like there? Can I transport all my belongings? If not, where does that stuff go? And the biggest question: how do I even begin to build a new support network?
People move somewhere completely new for a wealth of reasons – work, love, studying, a love of the place, a need for a fresh start. Since the pandemic shook up the ways we work and live, it's no wonder that more people than ever are considering making that leap. In December a survey from SpareRoom found that 27% of London renters are planning to move after the pandemic, with half of them planning to leave for good. That number is even higher for Gen Z and millennials, with 55% saying they are considering packing in the London life.
But what can you actually expect from the experience? We heard from eight women who moved somewhere new without a support network about the highs and lows of it all. If you're itching to make a move in the future, let this be your guidance for what it could be like.

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