We Ask Morning Exercisers How The Hell They Get Out Of Bed

If you're anything like me, getting out of bed in the morning in winter is the hardest part of your day, especially if you suffer with SAD.
Basically, unless there's something concrete I need to be at first thing in the morning, staying in bed until the last minute will always win out.
Obviously, this means morning exercise isn't really a 'thing' that I manage to do. Sure, I've had spurts; a couple of weeks here and there, an exercise class, a run around the neighbourhood, but getting a regular morning exercise schedule that lasts? Never going to happen.
Or is it?
Morning exercise makes SO much sense. It wakes up the mind and the body, gives you clarity before starting your day, means you have extra time in the the evening... In short, it's a no-brainer.
So what to do?
I decided to ask people who I know are morning exercisers what their tricks are for getting out of bed in the morning. Essentially I wanted to find out if they are just weirdo 'morning people' or whether I too can become one of them.

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