The Kitchen Staple That’s Got Me Through Lockdown

Illustrated by Meg O'Donnell
When you have to account for every meal from your own kitchen (instead of occasionally buying lunch from Itsu or going out for dinner), you inevitably fall into a pattern. You feel the pull of certain recipes or meal plans, and develop habits of what you turn to for inspiration.
During that time, you inevitably choose favourites. That one staple without which you couldn't have got through lockdown – perhaps it's made cooking a breeze, brought you a morning brew that's as good as the one from your local coffee shop, or just reduced the amount of washing up. This one item, above anything else, has made lockdown bearable, and for that we thank it.
Ahead, we asked R29 staffers to name their one item and how it's eased lockdown kitchen time. If you haven't yet found your guiding light, feel free to borrow one of theirs.