13 Women Share Their Financial Resolutions For 2019

Traditionally, a new year is a time for a new start. It's a time to sit back, take stock, cut down on the toxic stuff and up your intake of the good stuff.
One area people constantly feel like they need to improve in is their financials. No matter how much you're saving, how on your way to buying a house you are, people always think there's something else they could be doing to help them be economically stable.
The trick is not to beat yourself up too much over New Year's resolutions. Setting a bunch of targets which are way out of your reach is a one-way ticket to failure – which will just make you feel demoralised. Instead, focus on one thing in your financials that you want to sort, and set achievable goals in that area. It's a much more productive approach.
To get some inspiration, we spoke to members of the Money Diary Facebook Group to find out what their resolutions are. Click through to check them out and make one of your own.