The Best Apps For Setting & Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Photographed By Caroline Tompkins.
Most of us mentally set lots of fitness goals ("I want to take one workout class a week!" "I want to run a race!" "I want to start lifting!"), and then forget all about them immediately after voicing them to the world. It's honestly difficult to adhere to an exercise routine, especially when you're trying something brand new. But that doesn't mean you should dismiss your goals altogether or beat yourself up for not following through — you just have to find new ways to stay accountable.
If you don't have a personal trainer or a motivating exercise buddy, then having a workout app can help. Whether you want to be able to hold a plank in 30 days, just want to move daily, or don't even know where to begin, there's a workout app that can help you solidify your goals and stay accountable.
Ahead, we found the best workout challenge apps that you may want to download — and actually use — next.

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