16 Super Achievable Fitness Goals That You’ll Feel Awesome About

Basically all of our body-positive heroes talk about fitness like this: When you focus on what your body can do rather than the way it looks, you'll love it infinitely more. And that sounds awesome. But what if you feel like you can't really do…much of anything? And what if you're not exactly the type who's going to run a marathon or win an Olympic weight lifting competition?
Good news: You can get a huge sense of body-loving accomplishment from achieving much-less-complicated goals, and it doesn't require going all-in on an overly intense fitness plan.
"When setting an achievable goal, ditch the all or nothing thinking, because it rarely gets you where you want to be," NYC-based trainer Adam Sanford says. "Set your goals from a place of honesty and the realization that you are human. It’s not about creating a life of perfection, it’s about creating a life full of growth."
Sanford recommends starting with small, attainable goals that aren't complicated and that you won't get too distracted from (it's hard to find a legit excuse to not hold a plank for 45 seconds a day), and focusing on changing one specific fitness-related habit rather than promising you'll hit the gym six days a week.
We spoke to a handful of trainers to share their favorite totally-achievable fitness goals. Pick one, and love what your body is capable of.

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