These Are The Most (& Least) Expensive Film & TV Weddings

Image: Raisin UK
Before Coronavirus took hold, it was estimated that the average cost of a UK wedding had exceeded £30,000. Now, thanks largely to the pandemic, low-key weddings and micro weddings are expected to be popular this year. After all, many couples might decide to scale back their plans in order to save money and maintain social distancing.
Even if you're not planning a wedding in the foreseeable future, it's definitely fun to check out a new study estimating the costs of our favourite fictional weddings from film and TV.
Top of the list is Colin and Araminta's fabulously lavish ceremony from Crazy Rich Asians, which according to Raisin UK would cost an eye-popping £6.45 million. The film's production designer Nelson Coates previously revealed that he took inspiration from "some of the most elaborate [real-life] weddings in Asia".
"We wanted an indoor Garden of Eden environment that would wow attendees and be unlike any they (or the film’s audience) had attended," Coates told Inside Weddings in 2018. 
Matthew and Mary's 1920s wedding from Downton Abbey is second most expensive on the list with an estimated cost of £159,021.
Right behind is Carrie and Big's rather more modern ceremony from Sex and the City. Its total cost is estimated at a hefty £114,484 even though Carrie bagged her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress for free following a Vogue cover shoot.
Monica and Chandler's wedding in Friends comes in at £43,620, while Bella and Edward's Twilight ceremony has an estimated bill of £26,516.
The cheapest wedding on the list is Homer and Marge's shotgun ceremony from The Simpsons. Because the happy couple tied the knot with a minimum of fuss in Las Vegas, Raisin UK estimates that their bill would be just £197.
Also pretty thrifty are the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones, which costs an estimated £2,109, and Sophie and Sky's Greek Island wedding from Mamma Mia!, which comes in at £9,373.
Check out the estimated costs of 20 film and TV weddings below.
Graphic: Raisin UK

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