Late Bloomers: The Inspirational Women Who Changed Career Late In Life

It seems that every other day you read a story of another twentysomething who has wowed the world with an amazing invention, or landed a huge book deal, or is starring in a movie that's sure to get her an Oscar nod, or was just promoted to senior vice president for the coolest company around. And you look at your own accomplishments and think, blah. You're struggling to pay the rent and student loans. You're beholden to a horrible boss who definitely doesn't know your full potential. Or worse, you're stuck working in a field you hate, but you're not sure how to switch gears and do something you love. So you sit around with your best friends and you bitch and moan and wonder if things will get any better.
Good news: It will get better. Your career is long. So long. Most of us start working full-time jobs around 22 or 23, and we're likely to work until we're 70 or longer. That's 50 years. And let's be real: Who wants to peak at 25? It's likely you'll have a half-dozen different careers over the span of your life — chances are you'll be doing a job at 50 that doesn't even exist today.
Ahead, we rounded up nine amazing women who didn't find huge success right away, but when they did, they soared. Bookmark this story and pull it up whenever you're feeling a little unsure of your future — use it as a motivator to seek out your own success. If they can do it, so can you.
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