R29 Reads: The Books We’re Reading This September

Designed by Kristine Romano.
Books are known for providing us with some much needed escapism from our everyday lives. Whether it’s plunging into a fantasy novel on your daily commute or drifting off to sleep as you read a rich romance, books have the power to transport us to another time and place in just a few pages. In particular, this year has seen many people using written stories as a way to escape the mundanity of long days in lockdown.
While government rulings may now have relaxed since the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, many of us are still hunting for new reads to get us through the next few months of semi-hibernation. With the majority of holidays, concerts and public engagements postponed until 2021, the delights of a good book still stand as an easy way to fill up an afternoon.
Last month Team R29 plunged into the fascinating world of true stories, delving deep into engrossing memoirs and historical based fiction. Some of the biggest hitters on the list included Coming Undone by Terri White and Eve's Hollywood by Eve Babitz. This month however, the pool of books come from a range of different genres, jumping from tense mystery thrillers to romantic love stories.
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