Cute Swimsuits & Bikinis That You Can Actually Do Lengths In

Swimming in the sea is one of my favourite things in the world but on occasion it requires some mettle, especially if we are talking about taking a dip along the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland in December. Other than a willing spirit and a swimsuit, you don't need any expensive gear to get into the water but I have learned the hard way (I have lost count of the times I've been hit by a wave and looked down two minutes later to discover that I am exposing myself to innocent onlookers) that finding a swimsuit that doesn't ride up/down or a sturdy bikini is harder than it looks. Finding a cute one is twice as tricky. Instagram is littered with sexy bikini shots but trust me, none of them will last kissing time in the ocean or even at your local pool or lido. Wild swimming with the wind and waves calls for a little pragmatism but that doesn't mean your summer cossie has to be ugly. Style and substance, that's what we need here.
So for women who don't want to lounge by the pool, here's a selection of cute swimsuits that can stand up to lengths in the lido and stay put in the sea...

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