These Are The Best European Cities For Remote Working

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For many of us, working from home during the coronavirus pandemic has become – cliché alert – the new normal. Although the government is now encouraging workers to return to their offices from 1st August, a new survey has found that 80% of employees wish to continue working from home in the future where possible.
The beauty of working remotely, of course, is that you can do it from anywhere you like. Because of this, you might find there's never been a better time to consider relocating abroad for a short period of time – presuming you feel safe travelling.
According to new research by CIA Landlord, Madrid is the best city in Europe from which to work remotely. Though the Spanish capital has relatively high rents – £895 per month for a 1-bed – flights from the UK are cheap and the cost of living there isn't too high. A takeaway costs £11; a drink out will set you back £2.70.
There are also no fewer than 594 landmarks to explore during your downtime there – a definite draw. For shorter trips, a typical night in a Madrid Airbnb costs £28 – which is considerably less than in many capital cities including Amsterdam (£83), Copenhagen (£50) and Reykjavik (£49).
The beautiful city of Istanbul places second on the list thanks to its low rents (£258 for a 1-bed) and low cost of living: a takeaway is just £4, while a drink is £1.80. A typical night in an Istanbul Airbnb costs £43.
Budapest is third on the list and also boasts affordable Airbnb prices – a typical night's stay in the Hungarian capital is £22. You can check out the top 10 cities for remote working according to CIA Landlord below.
Research by CIA Landlord
At the other end of the scale, Monaco is named the worst city to work remotely from, mainly because of its astronomic rents (£3,499 for a 1-bed) and equally high cost of living. A typical takeaway there will set you back £25 – ouch.
Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Amsterdam all rate relatively poorly too because of their high rents, high Airbnb prices and high cost of living.

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