From Wild Wild Country To Jonestown: The Best Documentaries About Cults On Netflix

Photo; Courtesy of Netflix
As of late, cults seem to have replaced true crime as our non-fiction genre of choice. From the success of Cults the podcast to a number of different television shows to the real-life NXIVM "sex cult" in upstate New York (leader Keith Raniere has just been arrested on sex trafficking charges), it seems our (admittedly disturbing) cultural interests might have moved on from serial killers to psychological coercion.
Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country about the Rajneesh movement is the latest offering on the subject. In case you haven't watched it (and you certainly should), its six episodes make for a fascinating deep dive. Beginning with the group's infiltration of the highly conservative small town Antelope in Oregon after 7,000 "Orange People" moved into a ranch nearby, the series follows the growth and decline of the movement, its controversial leader(s) and what would result in what is still the largest act of bioterrorism on US soil.
If you've blitzed through Wild Wild Country and are looking for more, Netflix has plenty of other documentaries and films on the subject of cults, groupthink and psychological coercion. Here, we take a look at the most interesting...

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