These Are The Best Cities For Work-Life Balance

Photo: Getty Images
Amsterdam has been named the best city in the world for achieving a healthy work-life balance.
Workers in the Dutch city put in an average of 30.4 hours a week – more than three fewer than in London – and catch an average of 8.45 hours of sleep a night.
In London, the average nightly sleep is just 8.06 hours, which adds up to nearly three hours less a week than in Amsterdam.
France's third-largest city, Marseille, has the second best work-life balance with an average working week of 31.48 hours and an average night's sleep of 8.49 hours.
Alice Springs in Australia is third with an average working week of 31.82 hours and an average night's sleep of 8.56 hours. Auckland in New Zealand, a country where coronavirus is very much under control, places fifth.
The list was compiled by the folks at Holland & Barrett, who ranked 210 cities globally in terms of their work-life balance.
They also took into account the number of free outdoor attractions in each city – to determine how easily locals without a garden can get outdoors and enjoy some nature – and the average number of sunlight hours each city gets per year.
London placed a very respectable sixth overall – ahead of several other European capital cities including Oslo, Copenhagen and Rome.
Commenting on the results, Alex Glover of Holland & Barrett said: "Making time for leisure activities, like getting outdoors, exercising and spending time relaxing with friends and family is so important in looking after your physical and mental wellbeing so it's great to see all these cities offering a good work-life balance.
"Stress can impact our health in so many ways so it's vital to take time to unwind and in such uncertain times it's never been more important to invest our leisure time in self-care."
Check out the top 10 cities for work-life balance below.