13 Accounts To Follow If You Love "Instagram Blouses"

If, like me, you find yourself placing late-night orders for overpriced, frilly blouses thanks to Instagram, you, too have fallen victim to a modern-day phenomenon. It seems like almost every day I stumble upon another top I absolutely "need" due to Instagram and its algorithm that seems to have tapped into my weakness for a good puffy sleeve or vintage-inspired crop-top. We're calling the big boom of millennial-leaning aesthetic tops the era of the "Instagram blouse." They're the pretty, not all-that-practical, indie-brand-made blouses that are just too photogenic (and made in limited quantities to boot) to resist placing an order for one immediately. You've seen them popularised by cool-girl influencers who could look good in a literal paper bag (please don't challenge us on that though, Vetements). And they're really hurting my bank account.
Even a few of the Instagram-based vintage shops I've followed for months are now creating their own must-have statement blouses. And once they start advertising that they're made by a cute mother-daughter duo, I'm a goner. Naturally it's resulted in a closet filled with so many voluminous, airy cotton tops that I can hardly get myself to wear anything else. The sole comfort, though, comes from knowing I'm not alone. Many of these hard-to-resist buys are becoming the most popular Instagram-worthy trend of the summer, selling out with each and every restock.
If you haven't already fallen into the world of Instagram blouse shops yourself, click ahead. Warning: I'm not liable if you get sucked in and end up with 10 of them in your own closet.

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