All The Voices (& One Grey’s Anatomy Cameo) In Pixar’s Luca

Photo: Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair.
While Soul transported us to the bustling streets of New York, Pixar's newest movie Luca, now streaming on Disney+, is like a holiday on the Italian Riviera. The coming of age film is set on the beautiful Mediterranean waterfront and has a cast filled with familiar, funny voices bringing these characters and their fictional small town to life. 
Similar to other Pixar films like Coco, Luca centers on a protagonist having a literal out-of-body experience. The titular character is a young teenager who also happens to be a sea monster. He lives under the waves on the coast of an imaginary Italian town called Portorosso, but he dreams of going on land and seeing the city as a human. Luckily for him, sea monsters automatically become human when they dry off on land. But, there are a few characters he meets during his journey that threaten to expose his secret and send him home.
Multiple actors known for their playful, comedic charm are behind the people of Portorosso and the local sea monsters. There are also a few unexpected cameos, including one from a Grey’s Anatomy favourite. In case you don’t catch them all, here are the actors behind the main characters in Luca

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