Travis Barker Is Liking Shady Comments About Scott Disick’s Girlfriend

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Will things ever not be weird between Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker, and Scott Disick? From the way this love triangle is playing out in real time, it looks like awkward tension will always be in the cards for this Hollywood group. And some new shady social media behaviour from the Blink-182 rocker almost guarantees that double dates are pretty much out of the question.
Since Kardashian and Barker revealed that they were dating at the top of the year, things have been..strained between the stars and their famous exes. Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler claimed that the couple was complicating her relationship with her own kids (and that her ex was really Team Kim from the start), and Disick has reportedly been struggling with Kardashian’s new, seemingly serious relationship after decades of will-they, won’t-they. Though the couple looks to be fully enjoying their romance — enough to inspire some meaningful tattoos, at least— the transition hasn’t been the easiest on their exes. 
A new Instagram story from celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi hinted that the Poosh founder recently made a big effort to bridge the gap between her and her ex. Deuxmoi revealed that it had been tipped off to a double date between Kardashian, Barker, Disick, and his new girlfriend Amelia Gray Hamilton at a local hotspot over the weekend. It wouldn’t be the first time that Kardashian has hung out with a new woman in Disick’s life (remember those cringe hangouts with former flame Sofia Richie we saw on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?), but this double date was a likely a little different because it involved the exes and their new partners.
Fans mulled over the possible vibe of the dinner on a Kardashian fanpage, trying to imagine how dinner between two former flames and their new love interests would play out. One fan hypothesised that it probably was the worst date ever, pointing out to the glaring age difference between Disick, Kardashian, and Barker — near 40 and well into their 40s, respectively — and 19-year-old Hamlin.
“It's odd to me, like, what does a 2001 baby have to do with these grown-ass people," wrote the user under a photo on the fanpage. "I know that dinner was awkward as hell."
Barker was among the many people to like the comment, confirming speculation that this attempt at keeping things kosher between the exes was not necessarily a success. I’m sure the group tried its best, but some people just don’t mesh.
Could the weird vibe also be due to the fact that Kardashian and Disick are, you know...meant to be? That is, if you ask the reality TV star’s family. In the final season of KUWTK, the show has been very obvious about its Skortney agenda, putting the former couple in situations to be reminded of their chemistry as well as their long history together. An upcoming episode of KUWTK pushes that agenda even further, seeing matriarch Kris Jenner suggest that Disick might just be endgame for her oldest child.
“Listen, there’s nothing that I would love more than to see you live your life and grow old with someone, to be happy, content, and peaceful,” Jenner tells her daughter as their looking over old photos. “And it would always be so fabulous if it were the dad of your children?”
“And I think [Scott] fits so well with all of us because we’ve been around each other for so long,” she continued. “At this stage, from what he tells me, I think he would love for you to be you and him.”
Kardashian doesn’t seem so convinced; after all, she’s lived through years of ups and downs with the father of her children that are hard to forget. (Also, it’s really not fun to always have your relationship be the topic of conversation with your family.) Ultimately, we know how things turned out after filming anyway. Barker and Kardashians are living it up and not holding back on the PDA, and Disick is doing his own thing with his own much younger girlfriend.
As long as they keep it cordial — no more Instagram shade, Travis — everyone gets their happy ending. For now.

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