15 Shows Like Shadow & Bone To Try Now That You’ve Caught The Fantasy Bug

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Once you've torn through Shadow and Bone, Netflix's latest lush fantasy series adapted from a popular series of novels, you're going to want to keep the magic alive. Here are some curated suggestions of what to watch next when you're not quite ready to leave the Grishaverse but, sadly, have no choice.
What makes Shadow and Bone great is that it's a classic fantasy story about a chosen one whose already extraordinary world gets turned upside down, but also throws in a bunch of other tropes from the things you love to read and watch. There are cool powers! There are heists! There's an inseparable trio! There's an enemies to lovers subplot! There's a love triangle plucked from the YA shelf and so much yearning! There are also, for those who genuinely love fantasy, new words to learn and maps to study.
Finding a show that hits all of those buttons is rare, but these shows manage to hit at least one or two. And since you've probably seen Game of Thrones, we've gotten a little more creative than that. In fact, while a lot of Shadow and Bone reviews have called it "the next" GoT, the shows share little DNA besides fantasy war and a built-in fan-base of book readers.
So let's look beyond the obvious and pick out some shows that Shadow and Bone fans will love while we eagerly await news about season 2.

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