After Euphoria‘s Emotional Rue Episode, When Are We Getting Jules’ Special?

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If you’ve watched HBO’s Euphoria, you’re familiar with the feeling of emotional whiplash. But in a particularly meta way, even the delivery of the show’s first special episode — officially titled “Euphoria Special Episode Part 1: Rue” — has left many of us confused and, frankly, emotionally spent. (Listen, we’re feeling fragile right now.)
Originally, the US streaming platform announced that it would release two special festive episodes on December 6 and 7, respectively. Our thirst for glittery, drug-y teen drama must've been too strong to hold off any longer, however, because at the last minute, they decided to release part 1 early on HBO Max (The episode aired on Sky Atlantic on December 7th in the UK). And now we finally know when to expect part 2.
All this new Euphoria stuff has been a bit confusing — when and where to watch it, and even content of the episodes themselves. Instead of the quick cuts to different locations and character storylines that we're used to, Rue (Emmy-winner Zendaya)'s special episode was just an emotional, expansive hour-long talk between the teen and Narcotics Anonymous sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo) about love, trauma, addiction, and redemption in a diner. Yes, many people found it a bit boring, but it's something, and it's poignant, ok?
The next episode will be from the perspective of Jules (Hunter Schafer), and creator Sam Levinson will probably follow a similar non-traditional format in order to differentiate these from the forthcoming season 2 sometime in 2021. Although all signs pointed to us getting Jules' episode sooner than later (and who knows, an early drop might still happen), for now, the HBO Gods have spoken: Titled "F*ck Anyone Who's Not A Sea Blob,” Jules' special will air January 24 on HBO and be available to stream on HBO Max (meaning it will likely air on Sky Atlantic soon after).
According to an HBO press release, the episode "follows Jules over the Christmas holiday as she reflects on the year." Even more exciting is that Schafer co-executive produced and co-wrote the episode. But at the moment, fans seem to be too busy being mad at having to wait so long to get excited. "EUPHORIA WHY I CANT WAIT THAT LONG," wrote one Instagram commenter. "i have to wait until jan for euphoria part 2? I NEED PART 2 TO FUNCTION 😩."
A whole month until more Euphoria? That's almost a Jules having to leave Rue on the train platform-level of disappointment.
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