Let’s Talk About Jason Derulo’s Huge TikTok House

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
Jason Derulo's career has often lent itself to some very online moments. From his signature vocal runs (JaSoN DeRuLo) to his bulgy Instagram post, he is one of those celebrities who seems bound to succeed in all his online endeavours. TikTok has been the latest.
It all started with a charmingly dated, yet-skilfully cut recipe video for one of those candy-filled skillet cookies. But it tends to escalate into increasingly absurd videos where Derulo ends up burning his fingers or worse in some freak gourmand accident. Most recently, he tried eating corn off a cob skewered onto a drill and seemingly chipped off his front teeth, but most people hope it's a prank.
Which brings us to the double-stacked mega-mansion where we lay this scene. According to Metro, Derulo has lived in the same Tarzana mansion since he bought it for $3 million (£2.6m) in 2014. His TikTok followers will recognise the shiny white tiles, the granite countertops in his kitchen, and his outdoor pool setup.
Of course, it wouldn't be a celebrity house if the property didn't have a home theatre and basketball court. The outdoor pool also has a bar and pergola. Metro adds that the compound has a two-bedroom guesthouse as well. In short, this property is exactly where you'd expect a celebrity to spend quarantine. Judging by the spaces revealed in his TikToks, Derulo keeps it simple with black and white decor, chrome and glass accents, plenty of pop art, and the occasional splash of red.
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Netflix and Junk Food?!?

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Jason Derulo only needs his house and TikTok to keep him occupied these days. He is participating in more challenges than your average celebrity. He's whipped up some dangerously-sweet treats on his TikTok, to the point where I'm more worried about what those marshmallow-Nerd and M&M waffles will do to his teeth than any corn on a drill.