This Wild Theory About What Inspired Outer Banks Will Leave You Saying “Shhhh”

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
To say that Netflix’s Outer Banks is wild would be an understatement. But this theory about what inspired the teen drama series really takes the cake: it was inspired by the Beach Boys’ “Sloop John B.”
If you haven’t caught up yet, the series takes place in coastal North Carolina and chronicles the tension between the working-class “Pogues” and the wealthy “Kooks,” as the Pogues, led by John B. (Chase Stokes) embark on a literal treasure hunt. You know, with the usual teen antics and hookups thrown in. 
At first, one may think that the main character being named John B., just like the song, is nothing more than a mere coincidence or proof that the show’s creators are big Beach Boys fans. But as one Twitter user examined the lyrics closer, the similarities seem a little more intentional. 
“One of the lyrics is ‘around Nassau town we did roam.’ NASSAU. Where did all of the gold get shipped to? NASSAU. IN THE CARIBBEAN,” the user wrote in reference to what happened to the gold after the Pogues found and subsequently lost it. It’s also where John B. said he was headed to in the season finale
Earlier in the season, as the user also pointed out, John B. broke into Ward Cameron’s (Charles Esten) boat just as the song lyrics say that “the first mate, he got drunk and broke in the captain’s trunk.” Could the answers to all our lingering questions be found within this song? Maybe.
Stokes cryptically responded to the theory thread with a simple “Shhhhhh.” A clear sign that Twitter just might be onto something, though the cast and crew will likely remain mum until there’s confirmation of a season 2.

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