Good News: We Just Got Even More Outer Banks

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
For those of us who consider themselves honorary Pogues, some news: there is more Outer Banks to watch right now, thanks to the show’s blooper reel. 

Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes, who plays treasure hunter John B., and Jonathan Daviss, who portrays merit scholarship-contender Pope, teased “something big” was coming on Twitter Friday. Eventually, Stokes teased fans to get over to Instagram, where the Outer Banks blooper reel was posted. 

Just like the Pogues did when they found (and then immediately lost) their buried treasure, you now have three-and-a-half minutes of gold on your hands. My favorite part? The cast’s apparent inability to throw, or catch, any of the props they are supposed to. 

The cast camaraderie is adorable, and it seems like they’re as close as the Pogues are on the show. The reason, according to Stokes’ interview with Refinery29, is because they all lived super close to one another while filming. 
“On the weekends people would come over, and we would blast music and play games and shoot the shit,” says Stokes. “We just liked being close and we wanted to spend every second of our time together because we were just so thankful for the opportunity at hand. Work didn’t feel like work.” 
Unfortunately, this blooper video won’t tell you what Outer Banks fans are dying to know: What the hell is going to happen next? When we last left the Pogues, they believed that John B. was dead after he and his girlfriend Sarah (Madelyn Cline) escaped the police via boat. After a storm shipwrecked them, they were miraculously saved by a boat heading to the Bahamas — exactly the place where Sarah’s super evil dad Ward (Charles Esten) sent John B.’s gold. Sadly, the Pogues think John B. and Sarah are dead. 
Thus far, Outer Banks has not yet been renewed for a season 2 — though the chances of it earning another season are looking pretty good. The series is currently one of the top shows on Netflix, according to the streamer’s reports, and has a loyal fan base, many of whom also don’t understand why his name is John B. and not just John. 
Check out the Outer Banks blooper reel below.
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