Is Milan Fashion Week Street Style The Hidden Gem Of Fashion Month?

Photography by Seleen Saleh.
In the marathon that is fashion month, Milan Fashion Week can often be dismissed as the water break between London’s lineup of indie darlings and Paris’s grand finale. In reality, though, with Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and Bottega Veneta finding themselves at the top of the fashion food chain these days, the Italian fashion capital has never been so influential. 
Last season, Milan’s schedule gave rise to some of the year’s biggest trends and must-have pieces, from a goth-grunge comeback à la Prada to pouch bags and braided sandals via Bottega Veneta (thanks Daniel Lee!). And now that many attendees, at least those of the influencer variety, find themselves dressed by local brands, street style and runway trends have never been so in sync. 
With that, fans of street style can expect to see looks that actually reflect the shows on the calendar: ‘70s-inspired getups outside of Fendi, maximal accessories and sartorial combinations for Gucci, and plenty of neutrals at Bottega Veneta. And the greatest part of all? The whole lot of it — XXL handbags, GG-embossed tights, grandpa-inspired cardigans and more — can be found right here in Milan. 
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