What That Shocking Sex Education Season 2 Finale Means For Jean & Jakob

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sex Education season 2 finale.
There are almost too many couples to ship in Sex Education season 2. Otis and Maeve. Aimee and Steve. Viv and Jackson. Ola and Lily. Eric and Adam. But my couple of choice is and will forever be Jean and Jakob. After Jean's shocking season 2 finale reveal, it's safe to say their relationship status is complicated and about to get even more so in season 3.
Jean (Gillian Anderson) is perimenopausal and pregnant. Yes, she can be both years away from menopause and with child. And yes, she did get pregnant despite Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt) having had a vasectomy, which should have sterilized him. It's rare, but it can happen. As of now, it's unclear whether Jean will keep the baby. It's also unclear how this will affect her relationship with Jakob.
When Jean and Jakob spoke in episode 7, he resisted getting back together. After she pushed him away by kissing Remi, he's not sure he can risk losing her again. "I do know my boundaries," Jakob says. "I can't go through that kind of pain again. I'm not sure if I could get up." He needs to choose his girls over Jean since he's the only one they have. "You're not ready for the kind of intimacy I'm looking for," he says. He is right, but that still doesn't make it any less painful for either of them. Seeing Jean cry to Sufjan Stevens' "Mystery Of Love" will leave you reaching for the tissues.
Jean is heartbroken thinking that she blew it with him. In fact, her doctor tells her she might literally be suffering from a broken heart following the breakup; the symptoms are similar to perimenopause, it turns out. But being pregnant, as Jean points out, "makes the whole heartbreak thing so much more complicated."
But there is hope that the two could make it work and it's all thanks to a look. In the finale, while he's watching Lily's very horny take on Romeo & Juliet: The Musical (it includes penis hands, FYI), Jakob appears to have a realization. It's while Otis is waxing poetic about how great a therapist Jean is. "She cares about people. She only wants what's best for them," he says, "which is why she's such an amazing parent." Cut to Jakob who is looking so adoringly at Jean, as if he's had an epiphany. As if he's realized that like him, Jean always puts others first: Otis, her patients. If she says she is ready to give herself to him, he should trust her. But, they also could learn to put their needs first and they need each other.
After the play's big finale, in which Mr. Groff is forced to take a sabbatical after accusing Jean of corrupting the students, Jakob once again looks back at her as he leaves the school. Then at Otis, who before the show finally gave Jakob a real apology for how poorly he treated him. Otis even tells his mum that he's all for her and Jakob getting back together. "No more only-child behaviour," he assures her.
Jakob doesn't stop to talk to Jean, but it looks as if he wants to. Maybe it's wishful thinking on our parts to assume these looks are something more. Still, these small gestures are the kind of hope we'll be holding on to until Sex Education returns.

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