The Hosts Of Womanhood Break Down Menopause

Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone give you a humorous take on menopause.

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In their YouTube series Womanhood, comedians Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone are committed to guiding you through the process of aging gracefully. After offering viewers some important intel on turning 21, they're ready to make the leap to addressing menopause. You may have heard this biological turning point referred to as "the change," and according to Nancherla and Firestone, it marks your entrance into "witchhood." So, something to look forward to.
As a side note, Nancherla also has some sage advice for her younger self (and actual young people): Order more magazines. You do want a variety on your coffee table for when guests are over.
And if you suspect you might be going through menopause, do a quick check to see if you're experiencing any of the tell-tale signs: sleep shadows, hot flashes, elbow spasms, and vaginal dryness. Actually, maybe consult a doctor, because while Nancherla and Firestone are excellent comedians, they don't actually have any advanced medical training.
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Womanhood Menopause Riot YouTube VideoReleased on July 21, 2016

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