This Hilarious Video About Puberty Will Erase Your Awkward Preteen Memories

Everything you need to know to get through puberty.

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Puberty is known as your "awkward stage" for a reason. If we could all forget that time in our lives, we probably would (sadly, brace-faced middle school pictures make that very difficult). Thankfully, comedians Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone are here to help you get through those flashbacks with your sense of humor intact. In this video for RIOT, R29's new comedy channel on YouTube, they hilariously cover what you need to know about navigating the confusing growing pains of puberty. In their words: "What a horrible time. Get ready." First off, what should you expect when you're expecting puberty? "Your period will arrive, usually on an occasion when it's not convenient," Nancherla warns. "Expansion of the hips — the hips are gonna get wider than you've ever felt was possible," Firestone deadpans. But other than hormones that make your face break out, puberty also comes with a few sets of absurdist instructions, ranging from "How To Put In A Tampon" to "Walking With A Pad" to "How To Put On A Bra." We sure wish we had these two around while we were growing up.
Puberty In Girls Period Tips How To Use A Tampon, PadReleased on May 25, 2016

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