High School Graduates: You’re Going To Be Okay

How to navigate the start of adulthood.

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Graduating from high school and becoming a legal adult can be scary. Luckily, comedians Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone are here to offer some sage advice on the milestone with their YouTube series, Womanhood.
After bracing their young viewers for the tough times ahead, Nancherla and Firestone make sure to highlight all the positives that come with turning 18. Those positives include gaining the right to vote and the less exciting privilege of buying lottery tickets.
Of course, entering the adult world means new choices. Some might choose to work towards a career that is utterly baffling to their parents. That confusion might lead to some tough conversations — you can let Nancherla and Firestone's dramatic version of such a conversation prepare you. If you ever feel stuck in your newfound adulthood, just remember this positive message from your two hosts: "Some of you will make it...and some of you will make it big."
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Turning 18 Years Old Grown-Up Decision Making, AdultingReleased on June 15, 2016

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