Let’s Talk About What It’s Like To Turn 30

Aparna and Jo get real about turning 30 — and everything that changes after that.

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As much as we accept and embrace that age is just a number, a vague sense of foreboding can still creep up as we approach our 30s. Of course, this could have more to do with a fear of the unknown and negative cultural tropes around aging than a fear of the big 3-0 itself. In the latest episode of Womanhood for RIOT, hosts Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone address these fears and stereotypes in a funny (and bizarre) glimpse into what the ominous decade holds for women. As Nancherla says in the video, "If you're already scared, great." Society regards turning 30 as such a huge milestone that it's easy to believe it will bring about major, instant (and usually awful) changes. And, hey, making it three decades is a big deal. But in reality, your life will probably continue to move at the same pace it always has. You may notice you feel different than you did in your 20s eventually, but those changes probably won't set in the minute you blow out the candles. In the video, Nancherla and Firestone discuss balancing work and family, succeeding in your career, and other hurdles women often face as they age. Their deadpan, thoroughly offbeat delivery makes one thing clear: Reaching your 30s isn't a death sentence or something to fear — it's just a continuation of the comedy of errors that is life. Watch the video above, and make your 30s your weirdest, funniest decade yet.
What Happens When You Turn 30 - Advice VideoReleased on June 9, 2016

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