Servant Is A Creepy New Show With Rupert Grint, Fake Babies & A Mysterious Young Nanny

Photo: Courtesy of Apple TV+.
Halloween may be over, but Apple TV+ is still bringing the chills. On Wednesday, the streamer dropped its new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant, and it may make you rethink who you let into your home, and near your children. 
The upcoming series — the pilot for which was helmed by the Sixth Sense director and created by Tony Basgallop — tells the story of a Philadelphia couple who hire a nanny to care for their newborn, Jericho. There’s just one complication: Their “baby” is really a hyper-realistic doll, that, for some reason, mother Dorothy (Six Feet Under alum Lauren Ambrose) is treating like a living being. 
Husband Sean (Toby Kebbell, of Black Mirror’s lauded first season episode “The Entire History of You”) begrudgingly plays along with the charade in front of Dorothy, but that doesn’t explain why new nanny Leanne (Game of Thrones’ Nell Tiger Free) is treating “baby Jericho” like it’s not made of rubber and plastic. Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint, who plays Dorothy’s brother Julian, is equally as suspicious of the new woman in the house. 
The trailer teases that there’s something up with Leanne, and that she may not be the innocent girl she appears to be. Her popping a balloon with a knife over a birthday dinner is just slightly sinister, as is the fact that she never seems to smile. 
“Do you know who you welcomed into your home?” an ominous voice asks as Sean stares up at Leanne from the stairwell. 
Given that this is a Shymalan-produced project, it seems possible that there’s a twist in Servant we haven’t quite put together yet. Is Leanne truly the one to watch out for here? Could Dorothy be hiding something? Is “concerned husband” Sean really to be trusted? 
Servant could be the slow burn thriller that keeps us glued to Apple TV+, desperate to untangle that twist ending. 
The first three episodes of Servant debut on Apple TV+ November 28, and drop weekly after that. 
Check out the trailer below:

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