Is Netflix Bringing The I-Land Back For Season 2?

Photo: Michelle Faye Fraser/Netflix.
A group of castaways is stranded on a deserted island, where they are forced to team up — or turn against each other — to survive.
That’s the premise of Netflix’s mystery thriller series The I-Land, starring Kate Bosworth and Natalie Martinez. At just seven episodes, The I-Land is a relatively easy binge — but even if the first season hooked viewers, that might just be all that fans are getting. Netflix has marketed the show as a limited series, meaning that this is probably its first and only chapter. 
The streaming giant has not announced any plans for a season 2 of The I-Land.
The show’s premise is in the vein of hit sci-fi series such as Lost and Black Mirror, and nothing on (and off!) the titular island is what it seems. The trailer for The I-Land finds the group — all of them amnesiac — slowly piecing together the greater mystery of the island, which is clearly monitored and controlled by an unknown outside entity. But even though the island itself is a simulation of sorts, the outcomes are not: if you die on the island, you die in real life. And in case anyone gets any ideas, the powers that be that are pulling the strings are not messing around. If you kill someone on the island, the island kills you.
A few world-building answers eventually come to light on the series (some light spoilers ahead). According to The I-Land’s logic, Earth’s population is too diminished from climate change to issue the death penalty in good conscience. This group is actually comprised of death row inmates who are all part of an experiment that attempts to rehabilitate them, but things start going real bad real quick.
Though it’s unlikely we will get to see more of The I-Land in a second season, there is always a chance if it turns out Netflix has a sleeper hit on their hands. We’ll just have to wait and see — and in the meantime, no spoilers on that big finale cliffhanger.

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