Every New & Familiar Face In The Cast Of Netflix’s Lost-ish New Show The I-Land

Netflix constantly puts out series that blend unlikely genres together. And if you have ever wondered what it would be like to combine Lost with The Hunger Games, and a little Blue Crush nostalgia, well, you’re in luck because the new Netflix original series The I-Land appears to do just that.
Netflix’s latest, streaming as we speak, is a sci-fi thriller and limited series. It finds 10 people waking up on a dangerous, unknown island with no recollection as to who they are, where they came from, or how they arrived at this destination. They must figure out how to return home. But, as the Fyre Festival-inspired I-Land trailer teased, not everyone is willing to work together and being separated from the outside world means a new world order will have to form. Adding to those already high stakes is the twist that if a person cannot handle the psychological and physical challenges they face on the island, they will die in the simulation and in real life.
Of course, with stakes like that, The I-Land needs a full cast to survive (or not) over the series seven total episodes. Here's who's who in the cast (you know, because there are more actors here besides Kate Bosworth and the guy from Magic Mike).

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