A Cast Guide To Chambers, Your Creepy New Netflix Obsession

Ursula Coyote/Netflix
In the Netflix show Chambers, out April 26, there's something wrong with 17-year-old Sasha's (Sivan Alyse Rose) heart. We're not speaking metaphorically, here — Sasha's a kind person. But after she gets a heart transplant, the new organ retains a bit too much of its past owner. It retains memories, personality.
Becky Lefevre (Lilliya Scarlett Reid), the former owner of the heart, haunts the characters of Chambers. After Sasha becomes involved with the Lefevre family and their world of privilege and darkness, she also gets closer to understanding Becky.
Chambers encapsulates an exciting byproduct of the endless cavalcade of Netflix series. Lately, the streaming service has managed to wed high-profile talent, Uma Thurman, with rising stars like Rose, Reid, and the show's other break-out young stars — Kyanna Simone Simpson, Griffin Powell-Arcand, Nicholas Galitzine, and Lilli Kay.
Here's who you'll need to know while watching.

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