The Next Big Sci-Fi Show Is Like Black Mirror, With A French Twist

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Just weeks before Netflix delivers teen horror series Chambers, the streaming service is getting ready to launch another show that's unsettling for entirely different reasons.
According to Variety, Netflix's latest French original series, Osmosis, is set in near-future Paris, during a time in which one's soulmate can be pinpointed using a brain implant that assesses all possible love options.
In a way, it's sort of like Black Mirror season 4 episode "Hang the DJ." In this episode, people are matched up with romantic partners for a specific amount of time, in order for a mysterious "system" to ultimately match them with their perfect pairing.
Unlike "Hang the DJ," which was just one story in the anthology series, Osmosis will dive deep into how technology choosing your partner can come with a lot of challenges. What happens when the tech tells you to leave your long-term spouse for a better option? What if you don't want a romantic partner in the first place? And what if the person the tech claims is your soulmate isn't nearly as appealing as someone who is a little bit "wrong" for you?
However, for those who are game to find their soulmate via the it really any different from swiping right on Tinder matches, hoping to find the perfect person?
"No generation has ever been so connected, and yet felt so isolated. We’re handicapped in love," director Julius Berg told Variety of why Osmosis should speak to audiences who don't have a soulmate chip lodged in their brain.
Check out the trailer below:
Osmosis is on UK Netflix from 29th March

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