The New Dirty John TV Series Looks As Chilling As The Podcast Was

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
Bravo just released a trailer for Dirty John, the goosebumps-inducing Los Angeles Times story and podcast turned television limited series, and we can’t wait to fill the Big Little Lies shaped void in our TV schedule.
Connie Britton stars as successful businesswoman Debra Newell who, as we see in the trailer, instantly falls for the tale's charming villain, John Meehan (Eric Bana). She’s blind to his true self, which he does a great job of hiding it for a while, as she makes excuses for him to her quickly skeptical daughters, played by Julia Garner and Juno Temple. Things escalate when people try to tell her that there’s something not quite right about him, but she refuses to listen. “He is not a perfect person, but he loves me,” she rationalises.
The trailer's most ominous moment comes from John, of course. “You’re going to find out what I am.”, John proclaims menacingly. Cue the shivers down your spine. It seems we're in for a fascinating ride.
We can’t wait to see how Bravo will adapt the series to the screen. In the podcast, accounts from Newell’s family spare none of the intricate and shocking details of what happened. Between the lies, manipulation, and violence that happened when Newell began dating Meehan in 2014, there's a lot of difficult material to recreate.
There are high hope for how the series will be received, though, as Bravo has already green-lit a second season. This first one on the horizon will reportedly focus on Newell’s whirlwind romance with Meehan and the means by which it falls apart to ultimately meet grisly end. As for season two, Bravo has reported little more than the fact that it'll take the shape of a different, self-contained story.
Dirty John premiers on Bravo on 25th November and will be available on Netflix later this year.

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