This Is How Dirty John Will Woo Connie Britton In This Crazy New Series

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Former 9-1-1 star Connie Britton's new character is in danger, girl. A teaser for upcoming Bravo series Dirty John reveals exactly how the titular con man John Meehan — played by Eric Bana — will woo Britton's Debra Newell, and it's so disturbing you may never date again.
Dirty John is based on the Los Angeles Times podcast of the same name, which tells the story of how Newell was conned by her grifter boyfriend Meehan. Ultimately, the ordeal ended in bloodshed, but if you think you can predict where this true story is going, trust me: You have no idea.
The podcast, as well as the TV series, explores how Meehan used manipulation tactics to convince his girlfriend (and later wife) Newell that he is a doctor as well as overall stand-up guy. While Newell's family sees through Meehan's facade fairly quickly, Newell remains under his spell... until things get a little too weird with her Prince Charming.
The new teaser shows Bana in character as Meehan, as Meehan attempts to get into character as a loving, romantic boyfriend. As he repeats lines like "I feel like I was blind before I saw you," and "Every time I put my arms around you, I feel like I'm finally home," his mask begins to crack, revealing the manipulative persona underneath. It's chilling, as is the show's tagline: "He could happen to you."
Dirty John is the perfect addition to a year full of stories about grifters, liars, and con artists. Shonda Rhimes is bringing the story of faux NYC socialite Anna Delvey to Netflix. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are working on a movie about a person who scammed the McDonald's Monopoly game. NXIVM, the accused cult that allegedly portrayed itself as a self-help organization, is also the subject of an in-the-works TV series.
As an anthology series, the Bravo show will reportedly explore a new con each season. Looks like there are many Johns out there... let's hope this show helps us see through all the lies.
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