Your Guide To The Many, Many Prison Guards Of OINTB

No, it's not just you. There are simply too many guards on season 6 of Orange is the New Black. As a byproduct of the show's new setting in maximum security prison, Orange is the New Black now features double the authority figures. There are old, familiar COs from "camp" (aka the now defunct minimum security prison), and the more lethal set of guards that has been at max.
This season, the guards' storyline is particularly important. Their travails and concerns are so sharply contrasted to the inmates'. In max, the prisoners are literally fighting for their lives. Between gang wars and the potential for drug addiction, prison's obviously not a game. But the guards make it one with their elaborate game of Fantasy Inmate, which assigns each of the prisoners' struggles a certain amount of points. For example, guards can win big if their inmates take their own lives.
The guards this season run from apathetic to terrible. We'll help you keep track of who's who.

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