Which Young Hollywood Couple Will Be Next To Get Engaged?

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There's something in the sponcon-approved Fiji water these celebs are drinking, because they keep getting engaged. Well, the young and foolhardy ones are getting engaged. There's Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, both 24, who got engaged in June. Then, there's Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, who got engaged in July. And now, just a few days shy of August, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are reportedly engaged. Either they all know something we don't — like the apocalypse is coming, and only the married ones will survive — or, more likely, the summer is hot, money is abundant in celebland, and betrothal is fun.
Clearly, though, right now is a good time to get engaged. Maybe engagements are a cure-all for the morass that is 2018 politics. Maybe love is just delusional enough to save us all. If this is true, then more celebrities will be getting engaged. Who's next? Who will be the next casually intimate duo to splash across your TL? Who will make you go, 'Wait, they're dating'? Which couple will eventually prompt your mother/sister/roommate/clueless friend to say, 'What do you know about [rando's] engagement?'
This is America's Next Top Engagement — like National Treasure, but with celebrity couples. (So, not like National Treasure at all.)
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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

She makes $1 million per Instagram post. He's currently touring Europe. (She hopped on a plane to tour Europe with him.) They have one child, an adorable girl name Stormi, together. If they have the time — they're both busy; she's almost a self-made billionaire — they might just go ahead and get engaged, too.
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yo tengo tentación de un beso

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Camila Cabello & Matthew Hussey

Cabello and Hussey (a British dating coach and Cosmopolitan columnist!) are a relatively new and relatively private couple. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cabello said simply, "I'm the happiest I've ever been," barely alluding to her relationship. Reports emerged in March that Hussey and Cabello were dating, but the couple has never acknowledged them. Their timeline is ripe, though, for a young 'n fun engagement. (Hussey is 31, which does offset the youth aspect of this a bit.)
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Joe Keery & Maika Monroe

A Stranger Things-Hot Summer Nights union! Now, wouldn't that be fun? Granted, Keery and Monroe aren't exactly careening into a relationship, as our other Summer Lovers have been, but they're both up-and-coming stars and — remember — the end of the world is maybe around the corner. Thus, engagement could be nigh.
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Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid

After breaking up and then slowly reforming into a couple, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid need to throw us all a bone. Get engaged! Have some fun! Post flirty comments on Instagram! Have a big star-studded engagement party that Taylor Swift can attend!
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Take me home 💗

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Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn

Swift and Alwyn have been dating for well over a year, according to reports. Per this timeline — and per Swift's lyrics, which tell a story of a pretty serious relationship — they could be getting engaged at any minute. After all, Alwyn is the "king of her heart." (We think.)
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Charlie Heaton & Natalia Dyer

Heaton and Dyer are another Stranger Things-adjacent couple worth investigating. They are young (she is 23 and he is 24) and they are extremely cool. I mean, this photo alone. Now, if only they liked Instagram comments and the occasional lovey-dovey Instagram story...

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