TV Shows You Need To Binge Watch This Summer

Photo: Courtesy of NBC
For some, the quintessential summer involves trips to the beach, sipping icy beverages by the pool, and finally bathing in much-missed sunshine. (Just wear SPF, please.) All of this is well and good, especially if you've spent months desperately waiting for the temperature to crack 20 degrees. Yet there's no reason why you have to spend all summer outdoors. Sometimes "summer vibes" means giving yourself permission to just veg, even if you do so in the dark cave that is your home.
And you know what? That's your right! If you want to take a break from the sweltering summer heat, television is always here for you. Summer is a great time to catch up on the shows you may have missed during your busier times of the year, and now need to catch up on before they return.
Of course, not every show is created equal when it comes to summer binging. What should you prioritise this season? Here are a few ideas for must-watch shows of the summer.

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