Here's What The Apartments From Sex & The City Would Look Like Today

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6th June marks the 20th anniversary of the first episode of Sex and the City, and while we still have a serious soft spot for the HBO staple, we have to acknowledge that a lot has changed since then. The Meatpacking District can definitely no longer be classified as "up and coming", Manolo Blahniks sadly now cost way more than $400 (around £343), and thankfully, people are no longer mocked for deciding to move to Brooklyn. Yet somehow, we're all still puzzling over how the hell Carrie could afford that sweet Upper East Side pad (not to mention all those shoes) on a freelance writer's salary. It is truly the eternal question.
The other thing that's changed since the late '90s/early 2000s? Interior design trends. It's hard to imagine the stylish SATC ladies not redoing their apartments at least once — and maybe even several times over — since we last saw them. So we asked four interior design experts from Havenly, a start-up that connects customers with trained interior designers, to imagine the places Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte would call home in 2018. Hey, since we're probably never gonna get that third movie, it may be the closest we ever come to a life update from our favourite New York women.
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Carrie's Apartment

Interior design expert Shelby Girard drew inspiration from Carrie's legendary wardrobe — with its incredible mix of feminine meets funky, uptown meets downtown, and crazy meets classic influences — for her apartment makeover.

"While the majority of Carrie’s walls are painted a calming blue colour — contrasting her dark blue closet — we integrated some bold wallpaper on one of her walls because we know she is not afraid of making a statement. The gold trimmed full length mirror obviously needed to be placed right next to her infamous closet for easy access to check out her outfits," she tells Refinery29. "And, because we know Carrie has to write her column for work, we updated her desk to a glass piece that takes up less visual space since her NYC apartment isn’t very big. To complete the room, we added a fun chandelier as a piece of 'jewellery' — we know Carrie loves her accessories."
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Miranda's Apartment

Elyza Brilliantes, an interior designer, focused her attention on Miranda's living room, where she imagines her spending time with Steve and Brady when she's not busy killing it at the office.

"For Miranda’s living room, we wanted something that feels low fuss with clean lines and sophisticated accents," Brilliantes tells Refinery29 "She’s a hardworking lawyer and mom, so we wanted to create a space where she can do work and enjoy time with her family. We went with a C-shaped side table to hold her laptop, and added some greenery to make the space feel inviting and cozy to contrast the harder metal furniture. We also went with a vintage inspired mirror to complement the classic detailing in the trim work and fireplace."
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Charlotte's Apartment

Design expert Lauren Cox had the task of making over Charlotte's palatial Upper East Side condo (seriously, we can all agree she had the most incredible of four incredible apartments, yes?). While Charlotte's sensibility is nothing other than classic, Cox still found a way to integrate a few modern accents.

"We wanted to create a dining room design that keeps with Charlotte’s Upper East Side condo feel, but has a few updated silhouettes. We went with a more modern buffet, updated chairs and larger dining table (for her growing family, or if she wants to host dinner parties for her friends) to give her dining room a refresh," she tells Refinery29. "And since Charlotte is a mom, durability is a key consideration when it comes to design! The rug we selected is a performance rug from Restoration Hardware. We also went with chairs that are colourful and have texture to easily hide stains."
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Samantha's Apartment

Interior designer Kylee Trunk says she based her redesign of Samantha's bedroom — where else? — on her trip to Abu Dhabi. You know, the one you watched unfold in the second SATC film.

"We incorporated bolder colours while staying true to her modern and minimal style," she tells Refinery29. "We also added more 'sexy' textiles to the space, like a faux fur pillow for her bed and white faux fur accent chairs. The mirrors that act as her headboard are really the final element to keeping her space feeling provocative and modern, in true Samantha fashion!"

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