Of All The 13RW Scenes, This Was The Most Awkward For The Cast To Shoot

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
We can probably spend another two months dissecting the psychological and dramatic impact of season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. We might do that. But right now, let's take a break and talk about something lighter, like the most awkward scene the cast had to film. Which is not at all what you think it would be.
"It was that last scene in the prom when we all got together," Christian Navarro (Tony) told the audience at a BUILD series panel that Seventeen just brought to our attention. Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Devin Druid, and Ross Butler all agreed. "You know, like there are hard scenes during the show for each of us, but I think as the culmination of two years of being in there, and the performance [Dylan Minnette] gave, and everyone coming there to be there for Clay was heartbreaking."
Minnette, Boe, Druid, and Butler all agreed it was a big moment for 13 Reasons Why, but for different reasons. For Minnette and Boe, the prom scene was uncomfortable because it is so freaking awkward to film a dance with hundreds of extras and no music.
"It's definitely not the most difficult thing of the season, but in like a big dance like that there's not music playing during the scene and you have to be yelling like you’re yelling over music, and all the people in the background are being silent," Minnette explained.
"And you're dancing and hear their shoes squeak, and it's like, 'What's the weather like outside?'" Boe chimed in.
"You think you know how to dance, until you have to dance without music," Navarro said.
Now we really know what pros those guys are, because I could swear that prom was an outtake from my own big spring formal. Just kidding.
What's perhaps more amazing than the fact they all make those scenes believable, is the fact that 200 extras obeyed their nondisclosure agreements and didn't spill all the spoilers the actors were yelling, something Minnette was nervous about. Good job, everyone!

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