A Breakdown Of Every Dramatic Deposition In 13 Reasons Why

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Who is responsible for Hannah Baker's (Katherine Langford) death? That's the question propelling the action in season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. Olivia (Kate Walsh), Hannah's mother, sues Liberty High School for failing to protect her daughter after she spoke up twice about her suicidal thoughts and depression. A trial ensues that complicates and enhances our understanding of Hannah's last months.
During the trial, important players from season 1 — including the recipients of Hannah's tapes – are forced to take the witness stand. While on the stand, characters are forced to tell the truth about their experiences with Hannah. In the process, though, the characters are risking their safety. Someone at Liberty High is threatening witnesses into lying on the stand.
Risking danger, characters speak out and unearth some major revelations about Hannah's last month in the process. Each episode is narrated by the person on the stand. Here's what we learned during each deposition.
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