Eminem Is Down To Date Nicki Minaj. She's Down For Him To Jump On A Track.

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It’s never a good sign when you publicly profess your interest in dating someone and they shut you down with a tweet that starts with “LMFAO.” Just ask Eminem.
Over the last few days rumours have been swirling that Eminem and Nicki Minaj are an item. And the former’s latest antics didn’t do anything but fuel the mill even more.
During a concert in Boston on Sunday, Billboard reports the real Slim Shady gave Minaj a shout-out before asking: "Boston, how many of you want me to date Nicki Minaj?” Hearing the crowd’s unanimous cheers, Eminem continued. "Well, god dammit, me too,” he said. “Nicki, if you get this message, just text me later, we'll talk about it." Well alrighty then. Em’s game.
It didn’t take Minaj long to respond either — though she opted to send her response via Twitter instead of over text. “LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The fact that he’s silly & a goof just like me. Love him so much,” she wrote, referring to Eminem's onstage antics. “Em we need you on the #Queen album. That’s where our 1st date will be; at the studio while I gaze into ur beautiful eyes as u write ur verse.”
Um, that sounds like she’s not interested in anything more than a music collab. But, pause. Three days ago Minaj was rapping to a completely different tune. In fact, she was the one who started the dating rumours. So what’s going on? Because let’s be honest, no one was shipping the two of them before she said they were an item on Instagram.
After Minaj posted a video of herself rapping to her new song "Big Bank,” which included the line: “Told 'em I met Slim Shady, bag the M/Once he go black, he'll be back again," a fan asked in the comments if the two rappers were dating. She responded with a simple "Yes." Pretty straightforward. However, not too long after that “sources” told TMZ that Minaj’s reply was a joke. Sounds about right given her latest comments.
Seriously, Nicki? This fake-dating, publicity stunt mess is tired.
I shouldn’t be too surprised that this is most-likely fake news given it isn’t the first time rumours have swirled about Minaj dating a fellow rapper. Earlier this year she was thought to be dating Nas, but those flames seem to have fizzled out. Minaj was pretty mum about this alleged relationship, as well.
Maybe Minaj and Eminem are dating. Maybe they aren’t. But based on her track record, it would be wise to just take anything she says about her relationships on social media with a grain of salt.

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