Nicki Minaj Says She’s Dating Eminem & I Don’t Believe Her

I am a woman who trusts other women. I believe women when they share their experiences. I don’t play devil's advocate or dabble in empty scepticism when they tell me what has happened to them… unless said woman is Nicki Minaj, and the topic at hand is who she may or may not be dating. As of yesterday she has been romantically linked to yet another rapper, and I am already over it. Last night, someone commented on one of her Instagram posts asking if she was dating Eminem. Yes, the real Slim Shady. Minaj responded "Yes." To the untrained eye, this seems like a very straightforward answer to a straightforward question. But the way I see it, things are never so simple with Nicki Minaj and her love life.
Earlier this year, Minaj was rumoured to be dating rapper Nas. I immediately sniffed this out as fake news. She never clearly confirmed the coupling herself. What she did do was appear on Ellen. When the host ambushed her with a question about Nas, she blushed, sang his praises, and then made a slick comment that she would be willing to make an exception to her year-long celibacy plan for the rap legend. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t simply doubt the legitimacy of their relationship because I hate the thought of him with anyone that isn’t me, though that was certainly part of it. The truth is that Nas and Minaj just didn’t seem equally yoked, and I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Based on Minaj’s relationships that we can confirm, neither Nas nor Eminem are guys I would expect to be up next in her queue.
Before Safaree was a fixture on VH1’s reality television circuit, he was Minaj’s partner for a decade. He worked as her hype man and a co-writer on some of her biggest hits. Minaj insisted they were just friends as she rose in the music industry ranks. She didn’t reveal that they were dating until their love affair had nearly run its course. But it was real. She even cried about their split during an interview with Angie Martinez.
She soon rebounded with Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. The two of them made numerous public appearances and collaborated with each other during the two years they were together. When they split, she confirmed her relationship status with a tweet that read: “I’m single.” The point is that when Nicki Minaj wants us to know that she is really dating someone, she will do so with more than a simple "yes" in the comments.
Her trolling us about dating Eminem wouldn’t be her first time running confusing circles around the public with misinformation about her romantic partners or preferences. She and Amber Rose have been "flirting" on social media and in Minaj’s music videos for years. She name-dropped Blac Chyna in 2 Chainz's "Luv Dem Strippers" and has also worked with her in music videos. She has rubbed down strippers’ butts in her "Beez In The Trap". But she has gone on the record to say that she is straight.
Then there’s her whole thing with Drake. Rumours have swirled about the two of them hooking up. Although, to be fair, Drake has been rumoured to be hooking up with literally everyone. Nicki has denied those rumours sometimes. But she also feeds into them. She seductively danced for him in the video for "Anaconda". And he was "still staring at them titties, though" when he was featured on her single "Only".
I have resolved to no longer follow her relationship drama because if she doesn't take it seriously, why should I?

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