This Is The Most Important Part Of The Rain's Ending

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for The Rain season 1 finale.
The final episode of The Rain’s first season is a breathless, wild time. Our heroes finally track down Simone (Alba August) and Rasmus Anderson’s (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen) dad, Frederik (Lars Simonsen). That dad eventually tries to murder his own son. And, almost everyone drinks killer nanocapsules! To quote Aubrey Graham, what a time to be alive. Amid all the screaming, fire, and multiple death threats of “Trust Your Instincts,” fans would be forgiven for truly having no idea what the fanden is going on by the time the instalment credits roll. So, let’s try to break down what happened and what it means for the future of The Rain.
While so much of “Trust’s” big moments revolve around the Anderson siblings, the most important scene of the episode merely refers to one of them — namely, poor, uber contagious Rasmus. Just when you think the finale is over, the camera shifts away from a bleary-eyed, sweating Rasmus and towards the kind of underground meeting place saved for Bond villains and Batman’s greatest enemies. It’s a shadowy underwater lair. Only the baddest of the bad meet here.
To prove that point, Sten (Johannes Kuhnke), the apparent head of the shadowy Apollon company that kicked off the rain apocalypse, reveals his plans to bunch of mysterious, obvious ne'er do wells. Everyone is literally sipping cocktails as the world ends. “This type of cloud-seeding technology is only provided by Apollon,” he explains. “The world looks to us to save them; free them from the virus they don’t know that we let out into the world.”
This little introduction reveals a few key details. First of all, for those people without a degree in meteorology, it’s important to note “cloud-seeding” literally means creating precipitation — in this case, rain — by way of introducing small particles into clouds. So, it seems Apollon is engineering the killer clouds by inserting virus particles, or, at least water particles contaminated with the unnamed virus, into clouds. Second of all this is finally an official confirmation of what The Rain takes great pains to imply: Apollon is definitely to blame for the outbreak, and they created it on purpose.
The second half of Sten’s pitch to this legion of doom explains exactly why Apollon has brought about the end times by way of water falling from the sky. When one of the faceless rich villains asks Sten if the company has “found a way to weaponise” the virus, he replies, “I’ll say that we have found a way to control the world with the most dangerous disease it has ever known.” This means the disease, and all the millions of lives lost because of it, is actually a long-game play to wage biological warfare with the virus, all while keeping the world in check by standing as the only individuals with an all-important cure. A cure only Apollon can supply since they’re the sole company that knows how the disease works, since they created it and all. That’s why Sten’s last line of The Rain season 1 is, “We just need the boy.”
“The boy” is clearly Rasmus, and Ramus is the key to creating the cure. With no cure, the world-terrorising portion of Apollon’s plan, and the plans of their rich would-be partners, won’t exactly work since they can’t wield medical salvation over every single person alive’s head without it. Remember, The Rain is a wild show.
With Rasmus acting as the lynchpin to Apollon’s evil schemes for world domination, it’s time to switch focus back to our sexy teen heroes. As season 1 ends, Ramus, his sister Simone, and the remaining members of their group — resident action hero Martin (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard), sweet, brace-faced Lea (Jessica Dinnage), lovable, not-dead mascot Jean (Sonny Lindberg), and moody stoner Patrick (Lukas Løkken) — are on the run inside of the quarantine zone created by Apollon.
The reason the group stays in Apollon territory can be blamed on those nanocapsules the company tricked every Rain teen without the last name Anderson into drinking. The point of the capsules is to keep those quarantined by Apollon in their safe zone. As Sten explains in penultimate episode “Don’t Talk To Strangers,” if someone with the nanites leaves the zone, a satellite with note their location and kill them, seemingly by rapidly releasing the virus into their body. When Simone is confronted with the choice of leaving her friends behind, but taking a very ill Rasmus out of Apollon’s territory, or keeping the group together in the quarantine zone, she goes with the latter. It’s highly possible Simone made the wrong move, but the bad decision will surely lead to a wild season 2, if Netflix decides to order one.
Now, the heroes are on the run from Apollon in the company’s own territory, with the “subject” Apollon wants more than anything. And, on top of that, more than half of the group has a bunch of deadly nanites stuck in their body, keeping them in the most dangerous place possible. Considering the fact Sten has already confirmed a satellite will notice if anyone who has swallowed the capsules leaves the quarantine area, it's safe to assume that same satellite can simply track anyone with the nanites in their body. Yes, that means Apollon might already be tracking our on-the-run teens as they attempt to flee the company as “Trust Your Instincts” closes.
If The Rain does get a second season, be prepared to see our heroes' first order of business be ridding themselves of those fatal nanites and therefore hiding Rasmus from Apollon. At this point, that might be the only way to protect the world from extinction-level biological warfare.
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