We May Never Learn The Father Of Rory Gilmore's Child

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Sorry, Gilmore Girls fans, but it looks like the identity of Rory Gilmore's baby daddy will be a secret until the end of time. According to the real Lorelai Gilmore, beloved family dramedy Gilmore Girls may really, truly be over.
Of course, we all thought that Gilmore Girls was over back in 2007, so hey — who knows, right?
The actress — who reprised her role as the fast-talking Lorelai when Gilmore Girls headed to Netflix for a revival season — admitted during a talk at 92Y that season 8's A Year In the Life was likely the show's swan song.
Per PageSix, Graham revealed that the "special" season was most likely the show's only attempt at a revival.
"I feel very satisfied. This always felt like a special, a limited series," she told the audience during the talk, where she was promoting her new book In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It. "I do think that’s where it ends."
That's hilarious, because fans were decidedly not satisfied with the season's conclusion. And why should we be? Rory (Alexis Bledel) decides to tell her mother in the last moments of the series that she is pregnant... but declines to inform her who the father is or whether she intends to raise the baby. (And if she does... will that baby also be called Lorelai?)
Back in May of 2017, Graham teased that the Gilmore Girls powers-that-be may be shelving the series, which originally ran on WB, for the foreseeable future. As Graham told the crowd at an FYSee event in Beverly Hills:
"Would I do [Gilmore Girls] on Netflix again? Sure, but there are people that have better objectivity than I with saying what is best for the show."
It's possible we'll never see more of Rory and Lorelai, but if that's the case — can someone at least confirm that Logan (Matt Czuchry) is official the baby daddy? Honestly, I would just sleep better at night.

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