How To Get Away With Murder Season 4, Episode 14 Recap: "The Day Before He Died"

Last week, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) gave her new friend Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) a hand with her civil case on a very special episode of How To Get Away With A Scandal. Now, we're back to our regularly scheduled programming — a.k.a., trying to figure out what really happened to Wes (Alfred Enoch). Unfortunately, the truth about The Puppy's murder (boy, that sounds terrible) isn't the only truth bomb that's exploding this week. At least everyone learned a valuable lesson in the end, though.
LOL JK, someone left in a body bag. What show do you even think I'm recapping here?
Here's what went down this week:
Simon's Okay! Oh No!
As Bonnie (Liza Weil) revealed last week, Simon (Behzad Dabu) woke up. Fortunately, his memory of the night at Caplan & Gold was pretty much shot — which tends to happen when you accidentally shoot yourself in the head. Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), who has the most trustworthy face out of the whole bunch, tells Simon that he "really, really likes him" and basically tries to convince him to shush up about what really happened at the party.
It works, until it doesn't — just like most stunts the Keating 5 Keating 4 + Oliver attempt to pull off. Fortunately, Simon needs something that Annalise can provide: A way to stay in the country. Simon stays quiet about that bloody night in the law office, and Annalise makes Simon's immigration issue disappear.
Annalise spells it out clearly: Simon can get a "whistleblower" visa instead of going to prison. What happened the night of the shooting is, after all, his word — a brain trauma patient's — versus theirs. It's a win-win.
But mostly a win for the Keating crew.
Annalise's way is certainly easier on Connor (Falahee) than Simon marrying Oliver would have been. Speaking of that, Connor and Oliver are for sure getting married — in an actual wedding ceremony, no less! Asher (Matt McGorry) is stoked to plan the bachelor parties... though he's not feeling particularly good about his own romance these days.
These Are Michaela's Confessions
Michaela (Aja Naomi King) is ridden with guilt over her tryst with Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) — and Asher is not nearly as dumb as he, well, sometimes is. As in, he figured out that Michaela two-timed him in D.C., and he's really, really not okay with it.
Watching Asher cry as he tells Michaela she stabbed him in the heart is gut-wrenching. I'm very close to sending in my strongly-worded letter about the dissolution of this ship, because it is NOT OKAY, TV SHOW.
I'm still hoping it's all a dream, honestly.
Isaac & Annalise Make Amends
Annalise goes to see Isaac (Jimmy Smits) in the hospital. Isaac is far kinder than he was the last time they spoke: He apologises to Annalise for blaming her for his drug use. They both admit they had (unbelievably inappropriate) romantic feelings for one another. Annalise implores Isaac to get better, which, who knows, maybe he will — but this will be the last time he sees the lawyer. It's just the way it has to be. Sure, for "reasons," but also because we all know Nate (Billy Brown) and Annalise are endgame.
What Really Happened To The Puppy
We finally know the truth about who killed Wes (Alfred Enoch), and it proves that no one has worse parents that poor Laurel (Karla Souza). It also proves that we were all right many episodes ago when the show spelled out that Laurel's mom is a bad person. Did you think there would be another twist? Because there wasn't. Even beautiful and sophisticated French ladies named Sandrine are capable of terrible crimes!
I do have to say that Sandrine (Lolita Davidovich) gets points for not going immediately to murder. First, she attempted to pay Wes $100,000 to stop dating her daughter. He ripped up the check, which was... dumb.
I know! Controversial opinion here! But let's not forget that Laurel slept with Frank (Charlie Weber) — and that, umm, in terms of "sizzling chemistry," Laurel and Wes didn't exactly have it. Wes could have paid off law school and dated Meggy (Corbin Reid) and also still be alive. And Enoch would still be a series regular.
That's not what happened, of course, because Sandrine and Jorge (Esai Morales) were in total cahoots to kill Wes in order to protect Antares going public. And when Laurel finally puts that together, well, let's just say the vein on Karla Souza's forehead could receive an Emmy for its performance — Laurel is that enraged. Enough mad to kill her mom? That's what the teaser for next week suggests...
Speaking of murder (when are we not with this show), Bonnie spent the entire episode convinced Denver (Benito Martinez), who is in possession of the Antares hard drive and is playing both sides, has messed with her car. Frank is like, "Nah, you're good, Bon" — which he probably regrets, considering the state her car is in by the end of the episode. But is Bonnie really, truly dead, as that coroner's van wants us to believe?
No body, no way.
Next week is the season 4 finale episode, and I have so many questions. (For the first time, none of them are about what really happened to Wes.)
Will Michaela and Asher's relationship survive Michaela's infidelity?
Will I survive the finale if it doesn't?
Will Laurel ever get her baby back? (Baby back, baby back, baby baaaack...)
Will she and Frank ever realise their broken pieces fit together so perfectly?
If Laurel does kill her mom, I see no reason why she and Frank can't make their murder-y sometimes-love affair a permanent thing.
Until next week!
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