These "Lush Employee" Memes Are Hilariously Accurate

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Question: What's the first thing that springs to mind when you think of cosmetics chain Lush? Is it one of their brilliant signature bath bombs? The distinctive soapy aroma of their stores? Or maybe, the super-enthusiastic serving style of their employees?
If you said the third option, you'll probably love some of the "Lush employee" memes that are being on shared on Twitter at the moment. They all poke affectionate fun at the fact Lush employees are quick to help, equipped with lots of knowledge about their products, and sometimes just a little bit extra.
Responding to the memes, one former Lush employee has made a very valid point: the company's staff are incredibly attentive because they've been trained to be that way - they're simply doing their jobs and staying true to the brand.
Meanwhile, one current Lush employee has taken total ownership of the memes, saying playfully that they "validate my existence."
Now, even those of us lucky enough to love our jobs have moments where we think "cba" or "do I really have to go in today?" I know that next time I feel this this, I'm going to try channelling my inner Lush employee so I can raise my energy levels and get the job done.
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