The Black Celebrity Power Couples We Want To Be Like

Photo: Soul Brother/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
They say that love, by itself, is never enough to sustain a partnership. The older I get (and the more interest my student loans accrue), the more true I find that adage to be. The willingness to stay together that comes from being in love is honestly only the tip of the iceberg. Relationships require a unique combination of personal skills like empathy, compromise, and communication. And there are a ton of external forces — like death, money, parenthood, and personal identity — that can put a strain on how well two people work together. To top it off, there is an extreme misrepresentation of fairy-tale love across our media landscape, one that often ignores the ways race, class, and sexuality affect how partnership looks and works.
People with marginalised identities are way less likely to see themselves depicted in those fairy tales. This is why Black love is so celebrated in our community. It’s a form of joy that Black people do and should enjoy. These celebrity couples have been putting a Black spin on #relationshipgoals. And one thing we know about most of them for sure is that even though money is the second leading cause of divorce, it won’t be the thing that pulls any of them apart.

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