How Much Sex Is In Fifty Shades Freed? Don't Ask Jamie Dornan!

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
Fifty Shades Freer is about to make its steamy Valentine's Day release, and while you might be excited about it, star Jamie Dornan couldn't seem more relieved that the trilogy is finally over.
E! News reports Dornan sat down on Ellen on Wednesday to discuss the sexy thriller, and while he didn't seem to hate talking about the film with host Ellen DeGeneres, he didn't seem to love it either. For starters, it doesn't appear like he'll miss talking about those (likely uncomfortable) sex scenes.
"I think the third one feels like a different kind of genre almost. Obviously, there's still sex in it," he said. "There's people who want to see sex, it seems. So we've kept a fair amount. Someone was telling me there's more sex in the third one than the other two, but I don't know. I don't sit there with a timer, so I don't actually know the answer to that."
We can't say we blame him for craving a bit more normalcy. It can't be easy having to look sexy all of the time — even when you're walking on sharp, uncomfortable pebbles — and it's probably hard to have fans assume you're just like your character IRL, especially when you're with your family.
"I get a lot of fans talking to me as if I am Christian Grey," he told DeGeneres. "So, I'll have a lot of that sort of thing. I'll be in line at Starbucks or something and someone will be like, 'Oh, Mr. Grey.' I'm literally holding one of my children. They're so confused why they're calling me that...I panic. I don't know how to respond to it, because I'm not like him...They probably think I'm just really weird, which I'm fine with."
Loving the spotlight isn't the only difference between Dornan and his character, Christian Grey. Dornan told GQ Australia last January that BDSM "doesn't float my boat." He also said that given the opportunity, he'd likely choose not to be pals with the Seattle billionaire.
There is one thing he's excited about, though, and that's all of the action outside of the bedroom.
"There's definitely a thriller aspect to this one," he said. "There's really fun car chases, and someone's kidnapped. There's a lot happening this time."
Could starring in an action-thriller be Dornan's next move? Hey, it's not beyond the realm of reason. Those bondage skills could sure come in handy when tying up a villain.

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