Fifty Shades Freed Makes Marriage Look Luxurious, Until You Get Kidnapped

One thing Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) has never been in her relationship with Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) is completely free. In fact, that was the whole point of the second movie which you absolutely watched, don't try to pretend you didn't.
Like every good love story that's broken up into a trilogy, the split up in the second act. Neither of them liked it, so they got back together. They got so back together that in the third movie, she's now Mrs. Grey. We see the wedding gown, with Anastasia in it, we see the honeymoon, the shared property and then the lights go dim when we see the continued BSDM relationship. They go even dimmer as the trailer goes on, showing us a car trailing Mrs. Grey and then — what's this? Is a Jamie lookalike kidnapping her?
Despite her abductor's face being partly obscured behind shadows, I do believe that we are seeing the return of Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) — a character name so obvious that there was nowhere to go but straight to hell.
If you are wondering, after watching the trailer, what to expect from the final of the Fifty Shades films, then you should know that James Foley is back as the director Niall Leonard (a.k.a. Mr. E.L. James) wrote the screenplay. This duo handled Darker as well and were roundly criticized for putting a male gaze into play that the first film's director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, managed to side step, and for taking the source material far too seriously. That's the long way of saying: more of the same.
That said, I'll still be in theaters seeing it on Valentine's Day — that's February 14, 2018, for those of you setting an iCal reminder.
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