Cardi B & Guiliana Rancic Had The Most Hilarious Grammys Interview

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As a viewer of colour, going into a mainstream Cardi B interview always feels a little nerve-wracking. The superstar is unabashedly herself, which means you can constantly feel the unapologetic Boogie Down Bronx vibes wafting off of her — the same vibes I grew up recognising in my South Bronx-hailing, Puerto Rican dad. It often feels like TV presenters don’t know how to deal with Afro-Latina Cardi, and end up treating her like a brightly-adorned, motor-mouthed oddity rather than an actual human being and chart-topping musician.
Just think about that Tonight Show interview where host Jimmy Fallon was so dumbfounded by Cardi’s endless personality he was rendered legitimately speechless.
Well, Cardi found herself in another one of the interviews on the red carpet for the 2018 Grammys, where the “Bodak Yellow” performer is nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. As usual, Cardi made the best of the situation, churning out some of the funniest moments of the evening.
Right off the bat of Cardi’s interview with E!’s Guiliana Rancic — who at one point asked “Why do I love you?” — the rapper announced, “I feel it all. Butterflies in my stomach and vagina.” Butterflies in my stomach and vagina! While Rancic sidestepped the hilarious remark, possibly worried about censors, fans on Twitter immediately applauded Cardi’s impossibly on-point description of female nerves, naming it “quote of the year” and recommending “maybe everybody else can just go home right now.”
While someone should turn “Butterflies in my stomach and vagina” into a motivational poster-style Etsy print, the genuinely funniest section of the the interview arrived when Rancic began asking Cardi about her hit “Motorsport.” Referencing a single line of Cardi’s verse, Rancic indecisively asks, “At one point in it you say, um, something about like the source. Like, you need to go to the source.” As Rancic attempts to explain the song to its creator, as a way to creatively ask about gossip, Cardi’s face resembles the Math Lady meme to a T (watch the video below to see what I mean).
At least the confusion led to Cardi’s response to rampant rumours, saying, “If y’all wanna know, ask me, I’ll tell you” — any pregnancy speculation included.
The only topic Cardi wasn't hilarious about was her advice to young women with big dreams, urging, “Do whatever you have to do … Do it your way.” Cardi B is the hero we all need in 2018.
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